Sans Paper: flick the paperwork

Is your paperwork getting lost in the field?

Does it disappear before making it into your corporate systems?

With Sans Paper your field workers can now do all their corporate system work from their phone.
And your management team now has instant visibility of everything.

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Utility Mapping

Simple, Gimmick-Free, & Completely Paperless.


Create actionable, easy-to-track checklists for every project, job, or task that any of your users and team members can access to monitor the progress of your field crew, the flow of the project as a whole, and break every larger assignment into smaller, easier to manage chunks

Maintenance Requests

Allow your field crew and team members to send over maintenance requests as soon as they discover a malfunction, and eliminate any downtime by providing immediate assistance, informing your designated emergency contacts, and keeping all your equipment in perfect working condition at all times.

Incident Reports

Know exactly when a problem, injury, or accident occurs in one of your construction sites, plants, or using one of your equipment, and provide your field crew with the assistance they need on the spot, without delaying the flow of your projects for too long.

Pre Starts

Keep a steady flow of pre-start checks across your entire line of equipment, and provide your field crew and workers with a simplified, paper-free way of making their routine checks less time-consuming, more accurate, and adhering to OSHA requirements.


Simplify your payroll process by ditching the piles of inaccurate reports and paperwork, and switching over to digital timesheets that monitor your team members’ activity, their tasks, and their working hours to help you calculate payroll with fewer expenses, eliminate fraud, and give you less of a headache at the start of each month.

Company Policy Handbooks

Information is vital to maintaining a flawless workflow. With Sans Paper Connect, your field crew can have instant access to your company policies and regulation practices, even in more remote and off-grid locations, to keep them in the know at all times and keep your projects in line with your business’s values.

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