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Assets Management Take control of all your assets and workshop maintenance.

Having a large number of assets and equipment can get overwhelming really quickly, especially for businesses that benefit from renting out equipment and plants, and have to deal with regular and irregular maintenance costs, servicing, and billing transactions.

in today’s frantic,
fast-paced world

Growing your business and outrunning your competitors is completely judged by data and effective changes in the structure of your operations. A business’s ability to collect data, classify it, and reflect it on its performance is crucial for reducing wasted opportunities, and making use of all the assets you have in full potential.

This is why Sans Paper has created the Workshop platform, specially curated for plant & equipment rental companies to streamline your maintenance, servicing, and billing processes, and push your team’s potential to its limits.

The workshop platform is a digital, cloud-based tool that rids you of having to deal with piles of report papers, spreadsheets, and disjointed, dysfunctional systems, and provides you with the extra advantage you need to stay ahead of all competitors.

It allows you to monitor equipment and plant service history and maintenance, all while being fully compatible and integrated with other components of the Sans Paper ecosystem.

In addition to that, you can register all owned equipment, workshop cards, SLA overview, and edit all registrations and entries from the dashboard accessible from your mobile device.

Asset Management


Recommended Role: Plant Manager / Mechanics