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Sans Paper Hub

All-in-one solution for managing different platforms. You can manage users for Upvise and Sans Paper and view data from both, including G-Suite, all in one place. The Hub simplifies user management, cost tracking, and support requests, making your workflow more efficient. Time to power-up!

Sans Paper HUB
Best Features

Is a hub for the world’s Best-of-Breed construction platforms brought
together to facilitate efficiency for your team.

One Digital Hub

Platform hub is your one-stop digital hub for all of your best-of-breed construction and infrastructure industry platforms. Google Workspace, 365, Xero, and MYOB Advanced are just a few examples of the many platforms Platform Hub can help you manage.

AI And ML Powered Solutions

Your organization can benefit from the power of artificial intelligence and predictive analytics. Enable complex risk assessment and self-managing automated responses to reduce downtime, risk of accidents, and cost overruns.

Easy Integration

You can easily choose from the pool of best-of-breed construction applications available on the hub. You can integrate different platforms with ease and expand the benefits of this software to suit your business needs.

Cross-Application Management

Keep tracks and manage all of your users, teams, costs, and support requests across all applications in real time.

Users Management

Manage your entire team by assigning roles to operation managers and key decision-makers. Connect your project team on a single platform.

Cost Management And Payment Security

You can track your running cost, bill your account from anywhere and at any time. Automate your organization’s account billings by separating recurring payments from one-time payments. Making fast, secure and reliable payments.

Requests Management

Get help whenever you need it. Choose a plan and get access to a team of support experts or have your questions answered in one business day.

Personalized Solution

We make switching from one organization to another. Set up your construction profile, search for jobs, and make your onboarding as smooth and stress-free as possible. Your construction profile, tickets and work history are saved on the hub to make future switches happen like they never did before.

Be The Eagle eyes

You can easily create an account for members, add them to any of your business platforms, and monitor their progress. You can also remove them from your team or organization whenever their contract ends.

You can literally manage all your best-of-breed construction business platforms in one location. You can also keep track of your users, your costs, your support requests, integrate platforms with ease and extend the benefits of your platforms to achieve more on the Sans Paper hub.

Among the finest platforms arrayed, the best of breed platforms currently available include Upvise, Sans Paper Connect, Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, Xero, MYOB Advanced, Acumatica and Bitwarden