Sans Paper: flick the paperwork

On-Site Safety Your team’s safety always comes first.

As a construction business, your workforce is your most valuable asset and it’s the foundation upon which the very projects that help your business grow are founded on. A safe job site is one of the most important responsibilities of a construction project manager, and recent times have seen an enormous push for improved safety for construction workers.

making safety a priority

Many companies are making safety a priority, ensuring that all employees are fully aware of the risks they take daily and ensuring proper training is conducted on sites. Safety regulators in many countries are also putting in place regulations to make sure that proper processes and measures are taken before starting dangerous activities. 

While the intent of these regulations is good, enormous amounts of paper forms are being generated on a daily basis.

Incidents and accidents are recorded on paper and responsibilities assessed, but it is difficult to assess how much of an impact these paper processes have on safety.

 On the other hand, using modern digital tools has the capability to revolutionise administrative control on-site: It’s statistically proven to decrease the numbers of accidents and fatalities on construction sites, as it allows site managers to create safety checklists that leave little to no room for human error.

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